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About Literary Quicksand


Hi! Welcome to Literary Quicksand. We’re a brand new bookish blog out of Minneapolis, MN. Our hope at LQ is to have a group of ladies with very different interests as our core contributors. We invite you to get to know us, interact with us, and of course, talk books with us! We’re still in our very early stages of literary blog life, so we’re hoping you’ll stick with us as we explore living life bookishly.

Our Founder


I’m Joli Skow, and I had the idea for Literary Quicksand because I needed something to keep me honest about writing. I have an English degree, so being out of college, I miss the challenge of writing. I do get to write often at my job as an Internet Marketing Manager at ArcStone in Minneapolis, but it’s not quite the same as writing about books. Books are an extremely important part of my life. I love to read them, hold them, smell them, sink into them as if they were quicksand. They’re my safe place when the world is hard. It’s this passion and love for books that led to my idea for a bookish blog, written by amazing ladies who share my bookish passion.

Our Logo & Identity


The LQ logo and visual branding is all done by LQ Creative Director, Whit. She’s a visual artist with a passion for painting and illustration. If you’re in need of an illustrator, check out her amazing work at W. Woods Illustration.