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Spring Mini Reviews

By on April 23, 2019

I’ve been reading but haven’t had time to write “real” reviews lately, so here are a few mini ones! Have you read any of these? Please let me know…

Book Reviews

Book Review: Lifesaving for Beginners

By on October 16, 2018

Even though I’m not a huge fan of nonfiction, I love a good memoir. To me, I find that memoirs often
read like fiction. Also, the human experience is always…

Book Reviews

Audiobook Review: As You Wish

By on August 15, 2018

It’s taken me a long long time to give audiobooks a fair shot. I always fell firmly in the “It doesn’t count if you’re listening” camp. I know I…

Book Reviews

Mid-Summer Mini Reviews

By on July 12, 2018

Summertime and the pages are flying in this girl’s house! I’ve been reading up a storm, and there have been a couple books that I’ve wanted to review, but…

Book Reviews

Review: True Stories from an Unreliable Eyewitness

By on April 17, 2018

The subtitle of this book is A Feminist Coming of Age, which is what intrigued me, and I’m glad I ended up picking this one up! To put things…