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Review: Dunbar

By on February 17, 2018

Dunbar by Edward St. Aubyn is part of the Hogarth Shakespeare Project, which I’ve been making my way through over the past almost year, as they’re released every so…

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Review: The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells

By on February 12, 2018

“The impossible happens once to each of us.”
The Synopsis:
The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells by Andrew Sean Greer is the story of a young woman’s travel through time to escape…

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Review: In Every Moment We Are Still Alive

By on February 5, 2018

This book has been called “one of the most powerful books about grief ever written.” Grief is a thing in my own life, and I’ve been reading a lot…

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Review: Exit West

By on January 28, 2018

Exit West is the beautiful story of Nadia and Saheed, two young lovers from the Middle East, who come together during a time of militant uprising, and escape to…

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Review: The Underground Railroad

By on January 23, 2018

Story: Colson Whitehead delivers the odyssey of Cora, a third generation slave working on a plantation in the heart of Georgia. A stray abandoned by her mother – a…