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Review: Castle on the Rise

By on April 25, 2019

Story: As the second title in author Kristy Cambron’s Lost Castle Novel series, Castle on the Rise follows a similar construction to its predecessor, The Lost Castle. Three strong women are…

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Review: The Huntress

By on March 22, 2019

Story: The Huntress follows three converging story lines featuring a Russian female bomber pilot, a relentless former journalist turned Nazi hunter, and a 17-year-old aspiring photographer. Buried secrets, painful…

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Review: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

By on March 14, 2019

I’ve been told multiple times by a couple different friends that I’d like A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, so I finally decided to pick it up. Those friends must…

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Review: The Quintland Sisters

By on March 12, 2019

Historical fiction has never been my first choice. If I’m reading about something even loosely based on actual historical events, I don’t want to confuse myself by muddling truth…

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Review: American Duchess

By on March 8, 2019

The Vanderbilt name is well-known as a part of US history, but I didn’t know much about the individual members of the family. American Duchess focuses on the life…