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Review: A Dangerous Duet

By on December 4, 2018

Looking for a book with a little bit of everything? Add this one to your list!

The main character of A Dangerous Duet, Nell, is a pretty badass woman for…

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Review: November Road

By on October 24, 2018

I chose to read this book because I was looking for something different. Something purely entertaining. Something outside of my usual read. That’s what I got with November Road.


November Road Book Cover November Road
Lou Berney

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Review: Eleanor Courtown

By on August 27, 2018

Eleanor Courtown pulled me in and made me glad I signed up to be on this book tour! It’s been a while since I’ve read something that I’d consider…

Eleanor Courtown Book Cover Eleanor Courtown
Lucy E.M. Black
Historical Fiction
Seraphim Editions
October 1, 2017

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What I’m Into Lately and a DNF

By on August 22, 2018

It’s been a busy month for me (Joli) as I prepare for a little bundle of joy to arrive very soon. With only 25 days until my due date,…

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Our Favorite Books of 2018 So Far

By on August 13, 2018

August is here, there’s a back-to-school buzz in the air, and we’re all getting antsy to squeeze every last drop out of summer. How is it that we’re over…